Information line and retention of customers for a company from the insurance sector


• Retention of customers who bought a telephone insurance policy. The campaign has the purpose of retaining customers who declared a willingness to withdraw from the policy.
• Experience in the cooperation and mutual trust.

Contact Center’s tasks

• Serving of incoming calls and making outgoing calls to customers who want to withdraw from the service.
• Support of the information line on the service.

Activities conducted

• implementation of the project in accordance with the client’s expectations;
• training and coaching conducted jointly with the client;
• provision of access to an ftp server for the client, containing information on the campaign, recordings; reports;
• organisation of integration events and competitions for the consultants in order to increase their commitment and effectiveness.
Multistage campaign implementation.

Results achieved

• Client satisfaction with the results achieved and consultants’ satisfaction from working on the project and the high level of interest from the client.
• Increase in the number of customers retained from 20% in the first month of the campaign to 37% within 3 months.
• The result achieved exceeded the planned objective.

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