One of the most critical aspects of offering first-class services is an appropriately selected IT infrastructure. In order to ensure this, we cooperate with vendors who guarantee the highest standards, thus the systems and solutions offered are synonymous with professionalism, quality and reliability.

Our IT partnerships guarantee that our services are future-proof – always using the best and most up-to-date technology solutions.

Our IT solutions providers include:

Contact Centre System

SQL Server ® Database Software

Development, Implementation and Maintenance of Call Center

Customer Experience Platform

Compliance Recording Solutions

Network Security

Security of Servers and Workstations


We comply with all requirements relating to security standards for the storage and protection of personal data.

We constantly monitor our staff – our consultants are selected through a reliable recruitment process that guarantees the highest quality of information exchange and ensures the provision of knowledge as specified and required by the client.

The work of our consultants is controlled by the Quality Assurance and Monitoring Department. All interactions which involve the processing of personal data are digitally recorded using the NiceLog and ReDat recording systems. These systems are the key elements of our call centre, enabling us to maintain an exceptional quality of customer service, which allows us to safeguard the interests of our clients.

We ensure an exceptional quality of services and effectively deliver our solutions by ensuring the highest reliability and security of our IT infrastructure.

We use cluster technology and have implemented data redundancy in our data storage which guarantees the continuous availability and accessibility of our key systems.

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