Help Desk

The Help Desk is a service that enables Contact Center consultants to provide general and technical support to our business partners’ clients.

Depending on the project and the complexity of our client’s product or service, most cases involve a level structure ranging from Level 1 – Level 3 of technical support.

The main tasks of consultants in Help Desk projects include:
  • The provision of general and technical support on a given product or service.
  • Acceptance and registration of claims notices or complaints.
  • Creation of a database containing the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  • Registration and servicing of email correspondence.
We can also integrate the following with your systems:

• Notice registration.
• Tracking repairs.
• Registration of correspondence.

These services will enable your customers to conveniently report a problem and receive fast and effective assistance through a variety of communication channels:

• Phone.
• Email.
• Webchat.
• SMS.


• Streamlining of the technical support processes for the customer.
• Optimisation of  human resources processes.
• Improvement of the company image as a modern company which cares about its customers.
• Cost reductions.

Case Study
Save Desk
The aim of the project was to minimise our client’s churn.

What helped us to achieve the goal
  • Save Desk – calls from clients wishing to terminate their service were transferred to specialised consultants.
  • Attractive commission system.
  • Active churn prevention.
  • Contact with customers who were difficult to reach by connecting with them straight after sending a message.
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