Market Research

Market research and opinion polls are conducted through Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). The data collected by our consultants during telephone surveys is automatically stored in a specially developed system, so that the results of the survey can be quickly processed, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. This method allows quick online access to the results. As part of the implementation of the survey, you will receive a report with the results, together with recommendations and recordings of the interviews conducted.

Range of Services:

• Individual choice of research methodology and construction of a customised questionnaire.
• Preparation of a database, sample selection, development of the interview scenario.
• Coding of the interview scenario.
• Training of consultants responsible for conducting the research.
• Conducting telephone interviews.
• Preparation of reports with the results in the form of a transparent presentation with the recommendations of actions.

Scope of the Offer:

• Market research and public opinion polls.
• Pre-election polls.
• Analysis of the course and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
• Updating data.
• Customer satisfaction research.
• “Mystery Shopping” research.

Target Group:

• Clients with in-house customer service departments, who are interested in analysing the operation of their infolines as well as the level and quality of customer service.
• Companies interested in market research, brand awareness, opinions on their own products and services in relation to their competition, analysis of the course and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
• Entities interested in conducting opinion polls and pre-electoral preferences.


• Fast fulfilment of the research regardless of the number of interviews.
• Attractive pricing of the services offered.
• Full control over the course of the data gathering process (conducting the interview, control of the completion of the sample).
• Standardisation of the interview process.
• Constant access to the interviews while the research is being conducted.
• Extensive offering of B2C and B2B surveys.

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