Customer Service

As a manager, you know how critical the quality of customer service is to the success of your business. The ideal situation is to maintain an exceptional quality of customer experience while minimising costs and reducing workload. At Contact Center we offer solutions that enable the creation of this ideal situation.

Contact Center provides a wide range of services to support corporate back-office functions. Our experienced consultants provide comprehensive support for auxiliary and organisational processes, facilitating the administrative activities of our clients’ companies.

As part of our services, we also offer loyalty program support. The solutions proposed by Contact Center are dedicated to all companies involved in direct sales whose objective is to increase the efficiency of their marketing activities through loyalty programs.

The infoline is undoubtedly the most important communication channel between a company and its customers. It is important to note that high customer satisfaction is directly linked to the ultimate success of the company.

The Help Desk is a service that enables Contact Center consultants to provide general and technical support to our business partners’ clients.

As Poland’s biggest outsourcing company and call centre, Contact Center also provides services to many international clients. We have many years of experience in implementing and supporting multilingual projects.

In today’s world, attractive pricing and high-quality services are simply not enough to grow your client base. Rather, it depends on the right approach to the recipient of Contact Center’s services. Our telephone customer service offer promotes the establishment of long-term mutual relationships.

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