Sales support

Solutions regarding sales support include arranging meetings for the client’s sales representatives (including planning schedules for individual reps to optimise their work), generating leads (calling the target group and generating a database of interested customers) and making welcome calls.

Professional call scenarios

Call scenarios are simple computer applications prepared for each of the projects based on the materials supplied by the client. We create an electronic version of the script on the basis of the document provided, which is linked to the database and which enables the data obtained during the call to be recorded and automatically saved in the database.

Monitoring of operators work

Campaigns are monitored through the CCS (Call Center Supervisor) programme, which enables the preparation of reports in accordance with individual client needs. The reports include information about number of calls, waiting time, calls duration, the most frequently asked questions, questions not included in the scenario etc.

Training and coaching

A dedicated team of highly qualified experts is responsible for organising and holding trainings, adapting it to individual client needs.
The training prepares employees for working on the position of Consultant or Team Leader.
The calls of the consultants undergo a continuous process of control and evaluation.
This process enables us to maintain a constant, high quality of client telephone support & gives us the information required for even more effective coaching of our consultants.

Full integration of IT systems

At Contact Center, we ensure full integration of the campaign with the client’s CRM platform, which concentrates all information on sales, promotions and consumer service in one place. A database containing full call history is built as a result of the contacts between the company and its customers. The analysis of the information gathered in this database and provided in the reports facilitates the development of an improved offering which is consistent with customer expectations.

Call recording and storage

Contact Center provides the ability to record calls and store them on external media (CD). Call registration is particularly important when concluding transactions over the telephone.

We provide the ability to access to current recordings online during the project realization. It is also possible to freely review the archive of recorded files, while observing all IT security standards.


The client receives online access to reports on the telemarketing campaigns conducted through Contact Center’s website or by e-mail. The reports may be built in accordance with client needs.

Statistical reports

The client is able to obtain information on the work time of the agents’, number and duration of calls held, as well as reviewing the current status of each of the agents working on the campaign.

Statistical reports are serviced through the use of the CCPulse system. Therefore, they can be available with a breakdown by day, hour, subject and result of the support, depending on individual needs.

Billing reports

The client receives reports containing information on outgoing calls costs, as well as the statistics of the agents and the traffic characteristic.

The convenient website interface enables every user to check calls costs and duration. In addition, it is possible to define groups of users for whom the report will be prepared and present collective summary reports.

Target group:

Contact Center realizes comprehensive campaigns for clients from a wide range of sectors:

• Public administration and education
• Research agencies
• Construction
• Advisory and Consulting sector
• Energy sector

• Banking
• Commerce
• IT

• Media and entertainment
• Automotive industry
• Fuels
• Industry

• Telecommunications
• Transport
• Tourism
• Insurance


• Wide range of realized projects thanks to the extensive experience of the professional staff of employees
• Solutions individually tailored to the requirements of every client
• High security standards of the realized projects
• Transparent proposal and attractive pricing of projects
• Significant reduction of marketing and operational costs as a result of the flexible models of cooperation and settlement
• Full compliance of applications with client systems
• Constant access to information on the current results of the campaigns conducted through the online reporting system
• Modern solutions due to cooperation with global technology leaders

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