Telephone surveys

Contact Center offers surveying services provided via telephone, supported by the computer system CATI. Telephone interview based on the Computer Assisted Telephone Interview system is a modern form of conducting telephone surveys. With several dozens of computer stations connected to the central system, it is possible to constantly analyze and control data entered into the system during the interview with the respondent.

Telephone survey – high reliability

Due to the lack of “face-to-face” contact with the surveyor, the respondent usually provides accurate and true information. It applies even to troubling or embarrassing questions, because if a person cannot see his or her interlocutor, he or she feels more at ease and tends to provide more honest answers.

Another advantage of the telephone survey is its quickness. Our Clients often wish to receive the results as soon as possible, for instance in case of pre-election polls determining support for particular political parties. Telephone surveys allow you to quickly and efficiently collect data from a large number of respondents in a relatively short period of time.

The development of modern technologies means that almost everyone has access to a mobile phone or landline. By conducting telephone surveys, our employees are able to reach a specific audience that our Client would like to address. Results obtained from a representative group of customers allow us to gather valuable information and specify their preferences, e.g. shopping preferences. With the collected data, the Client may take more effective actions and adapt to the needs of the market.

The CATI technique allows you to control and standardize the process of surveying and the work of the surveyors, generates lower costs as opposed to face-to-face interviews, and is quicker to implement.

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