Telephone Customer Service

Attractive prices and high quality products are not enough to extend the group of satisfied Customers. What really matters is the appropriate approach to the recipient of goods or services. The telephone customer service offered by Contact Center promotes building long-lasting relationships satisfactory for both parties. With the professional handling, Customers may get all the information they require, and dispel any doubts. Customers happy with the contacts with the vendor will most probably put their trust in them which will strongly affect their further cooperation and earn positive opinions to the company.

Telephone Customer Service - professionalism and experience

By starting cooperation with Contact Center, you can find a reliable partner that will help you achieve the assumed sales targets. Our extensive experience and individual approach to each Customer affect high effectiveness of actions taken. Telephone customer service is one of our many offers that deserve your attention. We employ a group of perfectly trained, highly qualified consultants who easily establish inter-personal relations. Despite their extensive experience in Customer relations, they continue to improve their competence. Telephone customer service may be carried out also in languages other than Polish. Our consultants are also fluent in foreign languages, such as English, German, French, Czech, and many other.

Telephone Customer Service with Contact Center

The constantly increasing customers’ expectations, and the continued development of tools facilitating and improving the service allow precise adjustment of solutions to each entrepreneur. The main objective of Contact Center’s operations, besides the observance and adjustment of its telephone customer service standards, is going far beyond it, or actually creating it. Therefore, we are offering you the telephone customer service based on:

  • Quick solving of any problem troubling the customer already after the initial contact.
  • A multi-channel, integrated communication with customers, with the use of the state-of-art technology.
  • Individual approach to each customer.
  • Kindness and politeness towards each customer.

The actions based on the above-mentioned pillars, built in cooperation with our Customers on the basis of a detailed plan, bring exceptional results. Telephone customer service entrusted to Contact Center is the guarantee of the best service of your recipients, satisfaction and returning customers.

  • Szybkim załatwieniu każdego nurtującego klienta problemu, już po pierwszym kontakcie.
  • Wielokanałowej, zintegrowanej komunikacji z klientami, wykorzystującej najnowocześniejsze technologie.
  • Indywidualne traktowanie każdego klienta.
  • Uprzejmości i życzliwości w stosunku do każdego klienta.

Oparte na powyższych filarach działania, zbudowane we współpracy z naszymi Klientami na podstawie precyzyjnego planu, pozwalają uzyskiwać wyjątkowe rezultaty. Telefoniczna obsługa klienta powierzona Contact Center to pewność najlepszej obsługi Państwa odbiorców, zadowolenia oraz powracających klientów.

Telephone Customer Service - is it worth a try?

By selecting this service from our offer, you can win a lot. Apart from the professional service provided by experienced consultants, we also offer technologically advanced solutions, such as auto traffic service. Upon customers’ request we can integrate their systems with our technologies. Telephone customer service may be utilized to convey to the prospective buyers the information about the company, products or services offered, their sales or promotions, and for many other purposes, depending on the individual needs of our Customers.

Telephone customer service offered by Contact Centre allows saving time and minimising costs. A hotline is established in no time, and thanks to the cooperation with our team, you can forget about the considerable expenditures associated with the organisation of your own call centre. Within the telephone customer service you also get a range of specialist actions effectively affecting positive relations with the goods and services recipients.

With our long-time experience in effective telephone customer service, we can offer you the processes of sales support and aftermarket services – we offer cost effective and efficient support of your sales department at each stage of the sales process, including the aftermarket service. Direct on the phone sales is still an emerging segment of the market, allowing effective reaching a customer. Outsourcing the telephone customer service within this scope is the guarantee of increased sales volume and a growing number of satisfied recipients.

Hotline and information services - Telephone Customer Service in different forms

Cooperation with Contact Center may result in a comprehensive handling of information service or a hotline. Information services launched by us operate without interruption, regardless of the time of a day or a night. Telephone customer service in the form of a hotline is extremely effective. To meet the expectations of our Customers, the work of our consultants is monitored on daily basis, to ensure high quality of the services provided.

Potential recipients of products supplied by the companies cooperating with us are free to choose the method of contact. They can choose from a telephone conversation, SMS, e-mail, or fax. What distinguishes us among other companies dealing with customer service is, first of all, the comprehensive service with the use of a number of modern and effective channels of communication. Moreover, each of you deciding to cooperate with Contact Center within the scope of telephone customer service receives the highest quality standard and effectiveness. A telephone conversation is, and most probably will still remain the most favourite method of communication with a company. Therefore, the application of the highest standards of service is indispensable. During such conversation one may as well win or lose a customer.

So we encourage you to read detailed information about telephone customer service provided by Contact Center, and commission this difficult task to us. The effects of telephone customer service may be monitored on ongoing basis through the clear reports prepared by us, and adjusted to the needs of our Customers.

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