Database services include selecting prospects from numerous sources of both B2B & B2C contact lists. The selected database allows you to either run a one-time or a series of direct marketing campaigns, or to add and update existing files.

Range of Services

The scope and criteria for data selection:

  • Business Contact Lists (B2B)

Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Industry Classification, Revenue, Employment,  Fax Number, E-mail Address, Web Address, European Classification of Activities/Polish Classification of Activities code, Tax ID (NIP Number), REGON, Decision Makers, Opening Times, Year of Establishment.

  • Consumer Contact Lists (B2C)

First Name & Surname, Address, Telephone Number, Age, Education, Income, Number of Children, Purchasing Habits.

Guarantee of data quality:

  • We guarantee the validity and legality of the leased data.
  • In cases of any data inconsistencies or incorrect records, we can provide you with free new records or refund you the value of the defective data.


  • Low cost and per-record rates.
  • High effectiveness of sales campaigns thanks to our data quality.
  • Possibility of profiling a target group using dozens of specific selections.
  • Time-saving – access to a wide range of databases all in one place.
  • Advice from professionals – we’ll inform you which database to choose and how to plan your Telemarketing activities.
  • Additional discounts – when the campaign is conducted by Contact Center.
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