NPS survey (+)

“How much it is likely that you recommend `{`Company X`}` to your friend?” – this is a basic question asked during the NPS survey

The test corresponds to a 11 – point scale:
0 – I’ll definitely not recommend, 10 – I’ll certainly recommend

Survey participants are divided into 4 groups:
• brand critics (detractors) – respondents replying 0-6 – which is a group of unhappy customers who will not recommended company X,
• neutral (passives) – respondents replying 7-8 – are the people happy, but not loyal, vulnerable to competitive offerings,
• brand promoters (promoters) – respondents replying 9-10 – representing enthusiastic loyal customers who will recommend a company X and will drive its development.

The NPS indicator is used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Its basic interpretation is straightforward: the higher and the positive value of the index, the better for the company.

Stages of realizations of NPS (+) survey in Contact Center :

Stage 1 – research preparation by experienced NPS survey Experts who have long experience in working with the indicator:

• preparation of research tools (questionnaire)
• selection the best form of research (CATI / CAWI)
• preparing the database for survey (based on the database received from the Client)
• determine the number of interviews – sample selection

Stage 2 - interviews implementation and quality control.

In the case of selection technique:
• CATI implementation the survey by experience in NPS interviewers supervised by Monitoring Department and the Leader.
• CAWI distribution of questionnaires in electronic form and the results recording

Stage 3 – reporting the results of the study

 • Daily data exchange with the client – forwarding tables in Excel format

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