Information services and information line

The support of information services at Contact Center is state-of-the-art technologies and trained, experienced consultants who are selected for effectively achieving your objectives.

Using the solution we offer, your company’s customer can quickly and easily:
• obtain information on your offer, products or services;
• obtain all the necessary information on manufacturers or service providers;
• buy or activate a chosen service;
• register or change personal details;
• take part in a promotion;
• and many others …

We also provide services of a technical nature to our partners. Please check Helpdesk and Servicedesk pages for more information.

The information services we activate operate 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

The consultants operating them speak many foreign languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian.

We constantly take care to increase the level of knowledge of the consultants servicing the information lines of our clients. We monitor their work every day and increase both interpersonal and business skills as a result of the training and coaching system.
Your company’s customer is able to conveniently choose the form of contact in the information lines we service. Whether he chooses the telephone, e-mail fax or SMS depends on him.

Look at the example technical chart of the operation of the information service offered by Contact Center:

We offer our partners comprehensive information service support.
If you decide to allow us to service contacts with your customers, you will receive:
• the ability to choose an easily remembered 0 800 telephone number or standard number (for instance 0 22 555 55…)
• a trained group of consultants
• the ability to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology, such as automatic traffic support (voice: IVR system plus TTS/ASR, advanced call routing; fax, e mail and SMS)
• recording and online monitoring of calls
• the ability to prepare an electronic call scenario
• understandable reports adapted to your needs
• the ability to integrate our technologies with your system (CRM, billing systems, etc.)

The benefits from cooperation with Contact Center in information service outsourcing:

• a noticeable reduction in costs of customer service – you do not need to invest in your own call centre
• a budget, which is always planned – because of the external service, you know how much the cost of supporting the information service will be in the given period
• time savings – we can activate your information line ‘immediately’

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Case study

Service to Sales

Initiative goals

Activity sales on customer hotlines, infolines and technical support lines
• Improvement of the bonus system for employees, implementation the bonus system for outsourcing staff
• Implementation of process management system for Inbound sales
• Implementation of sales support tools

Adaptation of the technical support hotline for sales activity
Sales of products has not been conducted on  technical support lines handling technical issues and customer requests.  The project has been undertaken to activate sales through this channel – sales of additional products to calling client thus increasing its value

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