Foreign language projects handling

Contact Center not only supports, designs and executes national campaigns based on telemarketing but it also deals with the sales of products and services on the phone in a foreign language. Foreign language projects handling is entrusted to highly qualified employees fluent in a foreign language. Our greatest advantages include extensive experience and high efficiency. We address our offer to Customers operating in different industries and fields, among other in administration, construction, banking, or trade.

Foreign language projects handling - an offer customised to the Customer’s needs

To increase the effectiveness of our operations and to ensure that our Customers achieve satisfactory results, we approach each project individually by customising the methods used to the Customer’s needs, and by carrying out a thorough analysis of the recipient. Preparation of a dedicated campaign is based on the selection of an optimal database, finding potential customers, and providing them with carefully selected information on the product or service sold. Foreign language projects handling increases the chances for the company to find recipients abroad. We dispose of multiple solutions whose effectiveness was frequently demonstrated while carrying out numerous projects. They are adjusted to our Customers’ requirements and the nature of their operations. Foreign language projects handling consists in the use of such channels of contact with a Customer as a telephone conversation, e-mail or SMS. Our services also include arranging meetings for sales representatives of companies.

A comprehensive foreign language projects handling - quick effects and lower costs

With the adoption of modern methods and the use of various marketing tools, and cooperation with global leaders in technology, we are able to provide our Customers with high effectiveness over a short period of time. Foreign language projects handling within the scope of different businesses is not a problem for us. Our offer is highly transparent. We see to it that our service pricing is attractive. We are open to different models of cooperation and settlements. Therefore, foreign language projects handling by Contact Center allows the reduction of marketing and operating activities costs. The projects we carry out are safe and creative.

Effective telemarketing actions - foreign language and national projects handling

Our Customers are offered an online reporting system allowing permanent access to the current results. Contact Center’s high effectiveness is a result of the adjustment of the methods used to the profile of business operated by our Customers. Foreign language projects handling is based on the use of all media available. We are strongly engaged in our projects and demonstrate exquisite diligence. To make sure that telesales campaigns are efficient, we regularly organise specialist trainings for consultants, allowing them to improve their competence level and professional foreign language projects handling. Experienced trainers teach effective sales techniques and the art of negotiation.

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