Multilingual Customer Service

As Poland’s biggest outsourcing company and call centre, Contact Center also provides services to many international clients. We have many years of experience in implementing and supporting multilingual projects.

Multilingual projects - an offer tailored to the customer’s needs

In order to increase the effectiveness of our activities and to ensure that our clients achieve exceptional results, we approach each project individually, adapting the methods used to the needs of the client and carrying out a thorough analysis of the recipient. The preparation of a targeted campaign is based on the selection of an optimal database, finding potential customers and providing them with carefully selected information about the product or service being sold. Conducting multilingual projects increases the company’s chances of finding recipients abroad. We have several solutions where the effectiveness has been frequently proven during the implementation of numerous projects. They are adapted to the requirements of our clients and to the nature of their activity.

A comprehensive multilingual service - swift results and lower costs

By applying modern methods through the use of various marketing tools, as well as cooperating with leading technology partners, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional results. Our offer is very transparent and we ensure sure that our prices are both attractive and competitive. We are open to various models of cooperation and billing and thus handling multilingual projects enables us to reduce the costs of marketing and operational activities.

Effective telemarketing activities - multilingual and local projects

Our clients are given access to an online reporting system that provides them with the ability to review the results of their project. The handling of multilingual projects is based on the use of all available communication channels. We are strongly committed to our projects and always approach them with due diligence. To ensure the efficiency of telesales campaigns, we regularly organise specialised training sessions for consultants to improve their level of expertise. Our experienced trainers teach effective sales techniques and the art of negotiation.

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