Models of Cooperation

Models of Cooperation

Full support of the research process.
Implementation of the full research process under the supervision of our research experts:
• Define subject, purpose and concept of studies together with the client.
• Selection of the best form of research (CATI/CAWI).
• Selection of the sample.
• Creation of questionnaires and indicators.
• Implementation of the survey.

Basic support for the research process
• Expert assistance in the preparation phase of the study (assistance in the development of the questionnaire and sample selection).
• Implementation of the survey chosen by the client (CATI/CAWI).
• Sending the raw data to the client after the survey.
• Analysis of the final survey results, presentation of the report.

The implementation of the CATI/CAWI survey

Implementation of surveys in accordance with the client’s requirements.

CATI – providing experienced interviewers with fully equipped stations, the ability to listen to the call, the presentation of the results online in real-time.
CAWI – preparing the electronic version of the questionnaire as recommended by the client. Distribution of questionnaires. Providing the client with the raw data upon the completion of the study.

Solution dedicated to research agencies and large companies with inhouse research units.

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