Inbound and outbound campaigns for a corporation from a petrol sector


• Outsourcing of the entire customer service (individual and business) for the retail petrol station network in order to increase customer service efficiency.
• Handling information line enquiries, helpdesk, complains and realization of telesales campaigns

Contact Center’s tasks

• Supporting basic products and services information lines offered by the client
• Conducting outgoing campaigns (telephone calls and SMS) in order to obtain new customers for the loyalty program and fleet program information
• Handling helpdesk enquiries from the retail fuel station network employees
• Handling e-mail complaints regarding loyalty program in accordance with the procedures defined by the client
• Automated IVR service informing loyalty program participants for example about number of missing points needed for a bonus

Activities conducted

Implementation of the project in accordance with the client’s expectations
Stage 1:
• The project team selection
• Preparing a schedule for the campaign implementation
• Developing training materials with the client
Stage 2:
• Training and coaching conducted jointly with the client
Stage 3:
• Campaign realisation
• Current control of results and reporting (on-line, daily, weekly, monthly)

Results achieved

• Increase of customer service efficiency thus cost reduction
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